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Neat Patch Cable Management

Much needed storage for high density switches.

Chassis switches may promote port density, but they sacrifice cable management. That's not a good trade in our opinion, but when mounted between the patch panels, the NP2 provides storage for cable excess and allows you to separate and organize excess patch cable. No longer must you hopelessly lose cable in a vertical channel designed only to route cable, not store it. Comb cable slack from the blades to the appropriate patch panel and store slack in a single coil between the patch panels. This solution leaves the vertical manager clean and accessible for tracing.

The NP2 has been issued two U.S. patents and is the only product of its kind. The NP2 is not only sensible storage for data and voice cabling, but it is also great for any rack-mounted application that involves interconnect cables — fiber optic cables, audio/video distribution, even traffic control cabinets. True cable management at last!

The beauty of NEAT-PATCH products is that they are compatible with any size network, small or large. This lightweight ventilated cable storage unit will fit any 19" frame from a 6" deep wall bracket to the largest racks and cabinets out there.

Neat Patch NP2 Cable Management Panel Bay Starts at $59.99 Free Ground Shipping.